La Tablée New York
February 2, 2019

La Tablée, a celebration of the wines of the Rhone Valley, north and south, will take place in New York City in early 2019.  The term La Tablée originates in the village of Ampuis in Côte-Rôtie and denotes the meal celebrating the end of the harvest (similar to Burgundy's La Paulée), bringing to mind the colloquial French phrase à table - the call given to family and friends to sit and enjoy a convivial meal around the table.

This historic wine producing region has roots dating back over 2000 years to times when the Greeks colonized the area now known as Marseille.  Later, the Romans brought their culture and traveled up the Rhone River establishing their encampments in the north around Vienne. Today, it is one of the most important wine producing regions of France.

The team that produces La Paulée® and La Fête du Champagne™ has embarked on this journey to educate and communicate about the wines, cuisine, and culture of the Rhone Valley.  Like at La Paulée and La Fête du Champagne, La Tablée will showcase the many aspects of this grand region, including both small growers and large negociant houses, allowing the guests to explore varied styles from the North and the South and discover what excites their own palates.

Patrick Cappiello, David Gordon and Rajat Parr with their considerable talent and knowledge of the Rhone will assist Daniel Johnnes and his team in curating the wine producers, the sommeliers, and the program for the Tablée weekend.

We look forward to welcoming you to our table at La Tablée NYC 2019!