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1. What is a Tablée?

La Tablée is a series of events celebrating the wines and winemakers of the Northern and Southern Rhône Valley, launching in New York in early 2019. The event takes its name from the traditional post-harvest celebration, La Tablée d'Ampuis in Côte-Rôtie.

2. What is the dress code for Tablée Events?

All daytime events are business casual. For nighttime events, business/cocktail attire is preferred.

3. Do you issue refunds?

La Tablée does not issue ticket refunds. We would be more than happy to transfer your ticket to someone else to attend in your place; please contact Justine Puaud at or 212-625-2519 to do so.

4. What type of wine should I bring to the Gala Dinner?

Wines from the Rhône Valley. There are no rules within this category. Some guests may choose to organize a theme with other attendees in order to taste different vintages of the same appellation, different appellations of the same vintage, the variations are endless!

5. How much wine should I bring to the Gala Dinner?

Our guests range from bringing one special bottle to many, so there is no easy answer to this question. We do think it is worth noting that the atmosphere at the Gala Dinner is one of conviviality and sharing.

6. I am a food/wine journalist. Whom should I contact for more information about the event?

Please submit media inquiries and requests for information using our contact form.

7. I am interested in volunteering at the event. Do you accept volunteer requests?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at La Tablée. All staffing for La Tablée is handled internally. You may send an inquiry to

8. I am interested in working as a sommelier for the event. Whom should I contact for more information?

Thank you for your interest in working as a sommelier at La Tablée. Event founder Daniel Johnnes works with our Chef Sommeliers to manage the team of sommeliers for our events. Please send inquiries to

9. My company is interested in partnering with La Tablée as a sponsor. Whom should I contact for more information?

Thank you for your interest in partnering with La Tablée. Please contact Jaime Dutton by emailing to obtain more information about sponsorship.

10. Je suis un(e) vigneron(ne) dans la vallée du Rhône qui aimerait participer à La Tablée. Comment selectionnez-vous les domaines participants?

Notre comité de sommeliers selectionne les domaines participants chaque année. Si vous aimeriez prendre contact avec nous à ce-sujet, veuillez telephoner au bureau à +1.212.625.2519 ou nous envoyer un mail.